I have an email address, and I only want basic person detail (including LinkedIn URL)

You have some email address and you want the detail about the person —> By example, a LinkedIn Url to launch a LinkedIn Automation, or the job title, or the seniority to implement a lead scoring model.

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https://gateway.datagma.net/api/ingress/v2/full?apiId=&[email protected]

I have an email address and, I want the company details and the basic person detail**

If you want to add company detail about the enriched person, you just have to add :


example :

You want to enrich [email protected]
You don't even have to parse the email, send, [email protected], and we will do the rest.

As you want the company detail, you have to add:


Try now ⬇

https://gateway.datagma.net/api/ingress/v2/full?apiId=&[email protected]&companyPremium=true

If you want to add financial data: